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About Us

Dear reader,

In March 2009 "Sac Voyage" Travel entered the world of tourist business with confident steps. Now we offer to our consumers a wide sector of services in which you can be convinced spending in our web-site some minutes.

We are new, and we are proud of it. We have new ideas, new approaches, and fresh decisions. We are full of energy and we believe in our optimism and we want infect you with our love of travel.

Our company consists of experienced and loving their job employees. It's a group of professionals, who periodically raise their qualification following the changes and innovations of the world tourist market, participating in info-tours and workshops, opening new directions both for themselves and for the tourists.

Having long experiences in tour industry our employees designed all the tours ideally, than only suggest to you.

We are good guides, because we are good tourists. Our wild geography of tour operating allows us to show an individual approach to our tourists considering their tastes and the budget of everyone.


Tours to Armenia

From the beginning of it existence SacVoyageTravel conducts an active way of life participating in world tourism exhibitions and the congresses (WTM,ITB, MITT, MHTC).

Our programs radically differ from the programs in the market. The flexible pricing policy allows us to form tours for any pocket meantime we are careful that quality of the services don't suffer from the expense of the prices.

We are in close relations with Armenian Church, that's why we can offer exclusive church ceremonies in Armenia about which you have never heard. Moreover, you can become the participant of all ceremonies and rituals. Armenia became the first nation to declare Christianity as its state religion in 301 AD. Our church holidays won't leave indifferent even people with other religion.

We carefully follow all events in Armenia, on the basis of what we create interesting event tours. All worthy events organizing in Armenia become a new culmination of our tours and tour products. You will find author’s and exclusive tours in the list of our tours, similar you won't find anywhere. For the creation of some tours we spend months which by right are justified by gratitude of our tourists. 

Our land is ancient and rocky mountainous place. Its beauty inspired lots of great people and we will help you to be insured in it presenting you not only our attractions, but also adding art and aesthetic in our excursions. 

For us it is very important to welcome any visitor in our homeland. What impressions he will get, what course he will choose, whether will he have time to see all the intended to its look ...

We have not VIP tours, because all our visitors are long-awaited and we give all of them particular attention, surrounding them with care and hospitable.

We are sure that our guests leave our land staying here a part of them, and definitely will back again.


Outgoing tourism

SacVoyageTravel has achieved trust of its agents, constant tourists and corporate clients in the sphere of outgoing tourism for years of its activity.

SacVoyageTravel realize tour operating activities in all possible and impossible directions, mainly to Jordan and Israel.

On direction Jordan SacVoyageTravel is a consolidator of the flight realizing New Year charter flight Yerevan-Akaba/Amman-Yerevan.

The given charter flight will be organized for each New Year giving chance to the Armenian consumer to meet New Year in such fine land as Jordan.

Also we are tour operator on the directions Greece,Spain and Israel, periodically organizing excursion tours to those countries and many other directions. 

SacVoyageTravel is cooperating with more than 20 countries and more than 50 direct partners on the basis of exclusive contracts, which let us always to be competitive in our market meantime having own tour agency range and providing them with decent commission.

We cooperate only with the partners checked up by the time and we are sure that our tourist is met abroad by the company which will spend the tour program to the end as hospitably as we have started.

Our motto: always ahead! And it’s not only words! The testify to it are our tourists who from units have outgrown in tens, from tens in hundreds.

We are proud of the work we are doing. Tourism is a life for us. It is a life for the sake of which it is necessary to live once again.



SacVoyageTravel offers air tickets in all directions.

SacVoyageTravel is considered direct agent of all main airlines which is carrying out airline traffic from/in Armenia. 

Our managers on sale of air tickets are ready to develop the most difficult routes.


Rent a Car

SacVoyageTravel has its own Transportation department.

All salons of the cars and buses of SacVoyageTransportation are declared NON-SMOKING!!!

Cars work exclusively on PETROL!

Drivers of SacVoyageTransportation observe strict DressCode.

All cars are insured by CASCO insurance.

SacVoyageTransportation is quality, reliability, availability.



Yours sincerely,

Maya Tokhalyan