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Dolmama Restaurant
     Good food is important part of Armenian life. In every household the tradition of entertaining guests graciously is an integral part of hospitality. At Dolmama the Armenian traditional food is prepared with freshest seasonal produce. The foods are extremely delicious, innovative and elegantly presented.

Type: Armenian Mediterranean
Address: 10 Pushkin street
(off Abovian street) Yerevan
Phone: (37410) 561354
Opening hours: 11:00 to to 23:30
Costs €30 - €40
Soft drinks not included

Old Erivan

The restaurant was built in June of 2000 offering one single salon with traditional food and music. The restaurant started expanding immediately due to high success and started adding new floors and salon to the existing establishment.
The restaurant consists of 5 different salons.
Old Yerevan (Traditional live music)- Erebuni (on renovation) - Panorama (pop music) - Mona Liza (karaoke)-Cigar Bar (with live jazz music)
All salons serve the same Armenian food, but different live national songs and music. You could choose the salon according to your taste and the one that is closer to your heart. Everybody serving in the restaurant wears traditional Armenian Costume. During high season we recommend you make a reservation in advanced.

    Type:Traditional Armenian restaurant with live music
Address: 2 North Avenue Yerevan
Phone: (+37410) 588855
Website: www.olderivan.am
Opening hours:from 11:00

Costs €25 - €30
Soft drinks included

Afrikyanneri Pandok
Address: 39 Sayat-Nova Ave., Yerevan
Phone:+37410 553220
Opening hours:
Music:live national  music every evening 

Tavern Caucasus
“Caucasus” tavern as much as possible similar to 19th century’s same establishments Erivan and Tiflis. To create consonant atmosphere and colouring only natural building materials have been used: stone, boulder, brick, clay, iron, wood, canvas, reed, straw. The lustres and icon-lamps, even the door shutters and handles are made by the hands of smith.
The secret of taste of unique appetizers and dishes of the “Caucasus” tavern is simple: they are cooked by traditional recipes of the caucasian kitchen. Armenian and Georgian master cooks make them using only native fresh meat products, armenian and georgian high-quality food and spices.


Address:82Hanrapetutoutian str. (former Alaverdian)

Web: www.caucasus.am

Costs €5 - €10,
Soft drinks included

Kilikia Restaurant

Address:78 Hanrapetutoutian str. (former Alaverdian)

Opening hours: 10:00-12:00
Music:live national  music every evening 

Costs €7 - €12,
Soft drinks included

Yerevan pandok
Welcome to "Yerevan Tavern"! Here you can have business meetings, organize wonderful events and unforgettable family gatherings. And don't forget - WE LOVE YEREVAN!
Working days: 7 days, 09.30
Paronyan str. 7
Amiryan 5 (with live  music after 20:00)
Khorenatsi 29
Tel.: 530563, 093 774792
Costs €8 - €15,
Soft drinks included

Cafe' Central

Cafe' Central is one of the favoured places of gourmands in Yerevan. The Western style Cafe' with very modern decoration is a great hang out for any age group and class.
Dessert served here is wonderful. During summer you could sit outside and enjoy watching people passing by on the main road. You will be fascinated by the efficient service and friendly staff. They serve exotic drinka and delicious espresso.

Type: Cafe,Bar, Restaurant
Address: 30 Abovyan street Yerevan
Phone: (37410) 583990
Opening hours: 10:00
Art Bridge Cafe
     Art Bridge Cafe is the first bookstore cafe in Armenia. Right in the heart of Yerevan Art Bridge it offers simple Western food, from spaghetti, hamburgers, fondue, sandwiches and salads. Food is simple, the atmosphere is very cosy, and you could sit down for hours and read magazines provided by the place without being bothered. They offer pancake, French toast, and fresh juices for breakfast. They serve variety of coffee, tea and freshly squeezed juices. For the time being Art Bridge is one of the only places in Armenia that offers non-smoking section.

Type: Cafe,Bookstore,Gallery
Address: 20 Abovyan street Yerevan
Phone: (37410) 581284
web: www.artbridge.am
Opening hours: 08:30

     Cactus brings a small piece of Mexico to the centre of Yerevan. Its bright, colorful interior decoration give transport you across the seas to Mexico. They serve very delicious Margarita's and an incredible variety of Mexican and Latin American delicacies. During summer you can enjoy their outdoor setting.
Type: Mexican restaurant
Address: 42 Mashtots ave. Yerevan
Phone: (37410) 539939

Website: www.cactus.am
Opening hours: 12:00

Phoenicia Restaurant
     Phoenicia Restaurant offers you an exclusive selection of dishes in a charming environment. All the friendly staff from the head chef to the waiters are highly trained professionals. The dishes are masterpieces created by chefs with a passion for food, who want to share that passion with the clients.
The dishes are a fusion of European, Mediterranean and western Armenian cuisine. They offer live entertainment for 19:30 pm till closing. The dress code is smart casual.

    Type: Mediterranean and western Armenian restaurant
Address:3 Tamanyan street entrance off Isahakyan st.
Phone: (37410) 561894
Email: info@phoeniciayerevan.com
Opening hours: 12:00 to 23:30


Address:4 Vardanants Str., Yerevan
(37410) 544606

Working hours: midnight - 23:00

     You could try the best of caucasus food in Faeton restaurant. They offer a wide assortment of french and dishes and wines. There are three halls decorated in  elegant style.  The friendly staff make your dining experience a pleasurable one.

Type: Tavern, Caucasus restaurant
Address: 32 Tumanyan street Yerevan
Opening hours:10:00-12:00

Costs €8 - €15,
Soft drinks included

Marco Polo
     If you are walking down the Abovian Street and want to relax and have a quick bite Marco Polo is the perfect spot. During summer their covered outdoor patio is really pleasant and while you are having your lunch or dinner or coffee you could enjoy the watching crowds passing by. The service is fast and they offer Caucasian and European cuisine. They have five halls and each of them is originally decorated.

Type: Cafe-Restaurant
Address: 1/3 Abovyan street Yerevan
Phone: (37410) 595949
Opening hours: 09:30 to 23:30
8th Miracle
      You will never regret visiting 8th Miracle. It is very pleasant during summer right, situated right on the Hrazdan gorge.
      Hrazdan gorge with its spectacular nature has attracted a lot of restaurants. Traditional Armenian food is being served from Kebabs to different barbecues and meat to seasonal vegetables. The freshly baked lavash (traditional Armenian bread) prepared in tonirs (underground oven) is something worth to taste.
      All the restaurants on the gorge offer live loud music, and if you are in the mood of dancing, you would have the experience of your life time.

Type: Restaurant with loud live music
Address: Hrazdan Gorge
Phone: (37410) 534151
Opening hours: 11:00 to 01:00

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